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When is 195 Sockeye Salmon ENOUGH? Kenai River Dipnetting 2011

When is 195 Sockeye Salmon ENOUGH? Kenai River Dipnetting 2011

When you realize that you have to clean them, process them, can them or freeze them and then go back to work! This is , his mom and some friends down on the Kenai River traffic jam.

If you are not from Alaska, the basic description is this:

You get a net the size of a Volkswagen with a pole the length of two pickup trucks*, dip it into the water and wait for the salmon to swim into the net. Drag, pull and muscle the net with the flopping fish (approximately 8 pounds each) into the boat and go back for more. The salmon runs (salmon count) are so large that the 2011 limits were 25 salmon for the head of household and an additional 10 for each family member. Our poodle doesn’t count so our limit was 35.

Even though we could get a whopping 35 fish for each person on the boat (there were 6 of them total) they decided they had had enough at 195 so they stopped.

*Almost the truth, check out the video!

To see the crazy dipnetting video, click here!
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