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Things to Do, Places to Go While in Alaska-Day Trip to Knik River and Jim Creek 4 Wheeling

Things to Do, Places to Go While in Alaska-Day Trip to Knik River and Jim Creek 4 Wheeling

While in the Palmer area, if you head into the Butte, there are many trails to take four wheeling.

Not only will you be nose to nose with gorgeous mountains but you can play in the valleys and kick up some mud in the meantime.

There are amazing views, cold water, bumps and jumps, dunes and dirt all along the way. Many people camp along the river in one of several parking areas. You will see brand spanking new four wheelers mixed with old beater four by fours. Everyone is welcome in the mud!

Beware though, do not get out too far like these folks. It may not look dangerous but it can get there very fast.

It looks like fun until somebody goes into the drink! We were not sure if they thought there was a sandbar or what but they had several onlookers.

Apparently, they had several supporters as it took two trucks, a couple tow lines and a chain and a nice friend with some hip waders to hook it all up-just to get them out.



To get to the Knik River parking lot From Anchorage, take the Glenn Highway to the Old Glenn Highway Exit toward the Butte. Follow the road to the left (over the bridge) and there are parking lots on both sides of the road. There are other places to park but this is the closest to Anchorage.

Special Notes:
Prepare for the unexpected and bring gear for all temperatures.
Watch for tides, keep a safe zone!
Stay off the mudflats and beware of the quicksand like properties of the mudflats.
Unsuspecting or people unaware of the dangers of the mudflats can get caught in it and drown or die of hypothermia. We know of several instances where it took a fire hose and pressurized water to break the hold of the quicksand like mud.

Play it safe and keep it fun!

Jacque & Larry


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