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Springtime in Alaska, With Food Coloring! or… Cabin Fever in Alaska

Springtime in Alaska, With Food Coloring!   or…  Cabin Fever in Alaska


SO it is a little chilly and winds are gusting a little. I decided to play a little and make our own Springtime in Alaska, With Food Coloring!

This is our front yard, a daisy stomped out in the snow and ‘painted’ with food coloring in a spray bottle. Unfortunately I did not have the wherewithal to stand out there to make the colors really pop, but you get the idea.

We hear of it, we live through it and it was even on Mythbusters and the movie The Shining, but cabin fever caught me today!

For those of you that do not know about this winter time ailment aptly named cabin fever, it is a simple albeit seasonal disorder. It sneaks up on you when you are least expecting it and attacks when you least expect it. I survived this affliction today by doing something a little off normal.

Sometimes, you have to MAKE your own sunshine!

Jacque & Larry

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