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Wasilla Population

Wasilla Population

We are often asked what the population of Wasilla is.  The question is more easily asked then explained.  The easy answer that you will get from the search engines is somewhere around 7,000 (for 2009).  This answer is specific to the number of people who live within the City Limits of Wasilla.

This answer might be technically correct, but our reality is a bit different.  We call Wasilla our home, along with thousands more that do not live within the boundary lines of the Wasilla City limits.  The real Wasilla population is spread over many miles.  If you were searching for Wasilla real estate , the search would cover an area that stretches from Trunk Road and over a dozen miles going up Knik Goose Bay Road.

A great resource for what’s going on in Alaska is the Alaska Trends Magazine produced by the state.  December’s issue discussed what is happening with the population in Alaska.  You can find information on the Wasilla population including the Mat Su Borough Data starting on page 12.  DECEMBER 2009 TRENDS MAGAZINE.  The total Mat-Su Borough population is over 80,000.

These populations numbers are estimates but the data comes from sources like who is getting their permanent fund check, (Alaska Dividend check paid to residents each year).  Since the incentive to get this check from the State is so great, the population estimates are better than most states.  The amount paid in 2010 was $1281 per resident.

The Wasilla population is expected to continue to grow.  The area has a several factors that contribute to its popularity.  Home prices are more affordable compared to other parts of Alaska.  There is still a large amount of undeveloped privately owned land for future home sites.  The local climate is tempered due its proximity to the salt waters of Cook Inlet.

Many chain stores have invested Millions of dollars into the local Wasilla economy.  In the last few years we’ve  seen stores like Target, Lowes, Home Depot and even more recently the Wasilla Red Robin open their doors.  In 2011 we are expecting completion of a new multi-plex movie theatre.    Although Wasilla doesn’t offer as many choices in dining and retail as Anchorage,  it has come a long way in the past few years. As the Wasilla Population continues to grow so will the choices we have come to see.

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