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Shout Out to Neils Lock and Safe, Thank You Neil!

Shout Out to Neils Lock and Safe, Thank You Neil!

I received a phone call from my mum a couple nights ago asking for some assistance. There have been some burglaries in businesses near her and pops home and she has been extra cautious when locking every door and window in the home.

Mum and pop have taken the garage door openers out of their vehicles and have a keypad on the garage door for key-less entry. Here is the issue. She locked all the inner screen/security doors as well as the interior door from the house to the garage. 

Yep, mum was locked out-able to get into the garage but not the home. Pop was out of town and she called me for help. Luckily, I was at the office but even I do not have a key to the home (I have the garage combo though but that was not going to get me in).

So I called Neil from Neils Lock and Safe and, even though he was closing in 10 minutes, he came to our rescue.

In a quick few minutes Neil had the door unlocked.

Neils Lock and Safe, Wasilla Alaska Locksmiths

Neil and his lovely wife Lindy are the ‘go to’ people for keys that work (we have had way too many issues at the box stores) and they offer safes, cameras, electronic security systems and locksmith services.

They also give so much back to the community with local sponsorship of the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation and raising much needed funds for the Children’s Hospital in memory of their precious daughter (Brianna Gregory Foundation).

If you have a need for security systems, safes, or anything locksmith related, call Neils Lock and Safe. Or, if you would like to donate your time or monies to either of their close to the heart causes, please visit their websites or check them out on Facebook.


You may even see a couple pictures of Larry and I too (in costumes) at the some of the fundraisers…

Jacque & Larry

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